Ambassador Charlie Ray’s International Talent Group

We were all shocked at the death of Charlie. He was the kind of man you
thought could never die! It took a semi to kill him. The rest of us just stopped
doing music business. I am David Hanson, Charlie’s best friend and right hand man
for nearly twenty years. I am bringing back the company and the business model
that worked so well for so many. Below, a pic of Charlie:


Airplay International was founded by Colonel Jason Hawkins.
The company made its niche by promoting mainly to overseas D.J.s
although we also worked the U.S. market very hard, but building a fan
base in overseas markets more easily led to recording contracts for
many American artists. 


I am taking submissions for a compilation that will be submitted to hundreds of
D.J.s and music professionals all over the world. I never charge up front and
only make money when you do. My commission is ten percent.

I will build stats based on feedback to learn which artists / bands merit further promotion.
The determination to include will be based on your talent, the quality of your submission
and your business ability. Yes, your business ability. This is a music business. Pitching
yourself to me at length how great you are, is unwise. Everybody thinks they are great.
I have seen hundreds of talented musicians fail because they couldn’t even make it to gigs.

I am building a new recording studio south of Nashville because the low frequency
rumbling due to construction in Nashville is making it difficult to get quality recordings.
Also, I will be doing Band Conferencing so that musicians can play together from
where-ever they are located and I will capture the tracks, mix and master at my studio.

Send to:
David Hanson, 2821 Gossburg Rd., Beechgrove TN 37018
or email audio files to dave@davidhanson.net

Remodeling an old country store for my new recording studio in a rural location.
It is literally on the highway so loading / unloading will be easy. This will be the
home of Tennessee Productions www.tennesseeproductions.com