Followers Of The Force

We live in a universe that is gaining massive amounts of entropy. We live in an expanding universe. If the only force in our universe is the one that drives toward greater states of randomness and disorder, how could atoms assemble into molecules, into cells, into organisms? There is a force that drives against disorder. It is the force behind evolution. It is the force of life. It is the Force of God.

Scriptures say that God is nothing like a man that is why (he) works through prophets. What may be thought of as the mind of God, is all the information and energy that ever was or will be, in the universe and beyond.

When a neuron begins to fire, it is the Spark of Life. This is very early in the development of the embryo. This is when the Entity is created.

When we die the data that is in our brains remains a discrete bundle of information, and crosses over. The Soul is a bundle of data that does not die when our bodies do. Effecting things from the other side is possible. Signs from dead loved-ones are real and prayer is valid. The Entities that are able to effect things in our world have the power of many behind them. There are others that are in a hell worse than hell because they are totally isolated and alone for all eternity.

Followers Of The Force are members of many religions - any that honors the one true God. We do not claim to be a new religion. We are an organization. Our creed is the Golden Rule.

May The Force be with you!