Bradley Wayne Hanson
    Actor, Writer, Producer
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Bradley Wayne Hanson, actor, writer, producer

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Bradley Wayne Hanson was born in McKinney, Texas in 1974. At the age of nine, he moved to North Carolina where he eventually attended East Carolina University as an art and theater student. He then moved to Orlando, Florida and appeared on various local television commercials and was nominated for an award for his role as Wilfred Jenkins in the play "Through the Looking Glass" by the Florida Theater Association. In 1997, Bradley then moved to Miami to start a career in modeling. He worked as a model for 3 years, traveling the world and appearing in ads and runway shows. In January of 2000, Bradley moved to Los Angeles, where he still lives today. Bradley is an Eagle Scout, and also served in the Army National Guard for 8 years as a helicopter crew chief. Bradley is a member of SAG and AFTRA, and is actively acting, writing, and producing.

Modeling Card for Bradley Wayne Hanson

Feature Films

Down With Love (20th Century Fox - Payton Reed) as Johnny Trementus
View From The Top (High Flying Films - Bruno Barretto) as guy in 3-B
Bruce Almighty (Shady Acres - Tom Shadyac) as stand-in for Paul Satterfield
Scooby Doo (Down Under Films - Raja Gosnell) as stand-in for Andrew Bryniarski
Old School (Dreamworks - Todd Phillips) as stand-in for Craig Kilborn
Minority Report (20th Century Fox - Steven Spielberg) as stand-in for Tom Whitenight
Murder By Numbers (Castle Rock - Barbet Schroeder) as stand-in for Ryan Gosling
There's Something About Mary (20th Century Fox - Farrelly Bros.) as stand-in for Chris Elliott
Princess Diaries (Disney Pictures - Gary Marshall) as stand-in for Brian Phelps
Out Of Sight (Universal - Steven Soderberg) as stand-in for Dennis Farina
Any Given Sunday (Wamer Bros. - Oliver Stone) as featured character


Bradley Wayne Hanson as SWAT team member on Fast Lane

Fast Lane (Fox Entertainment) as swat team member
The Division (Lifetime Entertainment) as Brian Whitestone
Then Came Jones (Touchstone Television/Pilot) supporting role
A.U.S.A. (NBC Productions/NBC) as high powered lawyer
J.A.G (Bellasaurius Television/CBS) as pilot
X-Files (Ten Thirteen Productions/Fox) supporting role
Push Nevada (Touchstone TV/ABC) stand-in for Eric Allen Kramer
Watching Ellie (Sony TV/NBC) stand-in for Darren Boyd, Peter Stormare
Alias (Touchstone Television/NBC) stand-in/photo double for Jeff Wolfe
The Weber Show (Artists Television Group/NBC) stand-in for Chris Elliott
Passions (NBC Productions/NBC) under five
Days Of Our Lives (Corday Productions/NBC) under five
Florida Lady (Florida Lady Productions) principal
Out Of The Blue (Out of the Blue Productions/NBC) principal
Tarzan The Epic Adventures (Tarzan Productions) under five
Kids World (Kids World Productions) host
SeaQuest DSV/2032 (Amblin/Universal Productions/NBC) supporting role


Northern Knights T.S. (Northern Durham Drama) Master of Ceremonies
Hooray For Hollywood (DisneyWorld/March of Dimes) Director
Calvary Theatre (x6) Various Characters
Christmas Carol (Valencia College) Young Scrooge
Julius Caesar (Orlando Shakespeare Festival) Cassius
The Looking Glass (Ice House Theatre) Wilfred Jenkins / Caterpillar
Welcome Home Soldier - Vietnam Veteran


Drama I & II (Durham, NC)
Lisa Maile Acting School (Winter Park, FL)
Valencia College Drama (Orlando, FL)
Bachelor of Fine Arts Program (East Carolina University)
Professional Theater Acting - Terrance Shank
Television/Film Acting - Ellen Jones
Actors Studio (FL) - Hank Stone
Advanced Acting - Merilyn Carney
Advanced Acting - Playhouse West (North Hollywood)

Skills and Interests

Basketball (East Carolina University), Swimming, Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, Rollerblading, Bicycling, Tae Kwon Do, Horseback Riding, Soccer, Jogging, Backpacking, Rock Climbing, Painting, Scuba (advanced cert.), Kung-Fu, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Motorcycles. Eagle Scout. United States Army National Guard (Retired - Helicopter Aviation). Some stunt experience.

Bradley Wayne Hanson as Myn Donos in Star Wars

Bradley Wayne Hanson
as fighter pilot Myn Donos
(Star Wars comic book character)

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Bradley Wayne Hanson, actor, writer, producer Bradley Wayne Hanson, actor, writer, producer Bradley Wayne Hanson, actor, writer, producer

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